Bahasa Inggris bisnis 2 (cause connectors)

Cause Connectors

Cause and Effect (So, Such)

Cause and effect relationships are constructed using the following formula.

subject + verb + so + adjective adverb + that + subject + verb

He was so hungry that he ate the entire pizza.
The hill was so steep that Mario couldn’t climb it.
John needed money so badly that he sold his baseball card collection.
The children are playing so intently that they don’t notice it’s raining.
That fire is so hot that it could easily burn you if you get too close.
Intensive modifiers are commonly added to provide extra emphasis. Study the following rules for using intensive modifiers with plural count and non-count nouns.

subject + verb + so +


+ plural count noun + that + subject + verb

Eric had so many puppies that he gave some away to friends.
My aunt’s health food store had so few customers that she had to close it.

subject + verb + so +


+ non-count noun + that + subject + verb

She put so much sugar in her coffee that she couldn’t drink it.
Jason spent [u]so[/u] little time on the project that it wasn’t ready for the meeting.
Other forms which are commonly used are such a and such that.

subject + verb + such + a + adjective + singular count noun + that. . .

Ricky had such a bad attitude that he was expelled from school.
Charlotte was such an intelligent student that she was offered a valuable scholarship.

subject + verb such + adjective + plural count noun + that + subject + verb

Tommy has such outstanding skills that he could play professional baseball.
plural count noun

The referees made such bad calls that the fans were very angry.
plural count noun
She had such tarnished silver that she was embarrassed to use it for the reunion.
non-count noun
The burning building had such thick smoke that the firemen had difficulty seeing.
non-count noun

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